5 Games to Pass Time During America’s Favorite Pastime

America loves baseball; this fact has been proven over and over for decades while ticket prices soar and bumper stickers for your favorite team—obviously the Dodgers—is slapped onto your junker car. But as much as we all love this sport, it can become repetitive and boring beyond belief. So here are a few games to keep you sane while you watch your favorite team destroy (or be destroyed—after all the Dodgers did lose to the Phillies Wednesday.)

1. Out (of Money): We all might be poor, but we all at least usually have a couple bucks on us here and there. Everyone puts a dollar into the hat and chooses an inning to play in. The hat is passed around during that inning and the person holding the hat when the last out happens, wins the pot and the rest are out of money.

2. Perfect Pitch: Before the pitcher throws the ball, everyone puts in a guess to what pitch he will use (curveball, fastball, slider, etc.), whoever guesses right, wins. You can even make this a betting game if you want to lose all your money (or try to win it back from the last game).

3. Pitching Pace: Yes, another pitching guessing game, but this one takes a little more precision. Each person guesses beforehand how fast the pitch will be, whoever is closest without going over, wins. (Can also be made into another betting game if you really want to be poor).

4. Mini Fantasy Baseball: Either participants are assigned a random number—whether that is through choosing lots or through rock-paper-scissors (face it, we’re all adults here and know rock-paper-scissors solves a lot of problems). After everyone is assigned a pecking order, everyone chooses a player from each to be on their “team.” Points are based on how well their players do; a single earning one point, a double earning two points, and so on and so forth from there. But a strikeout will deduct one point. Everyone can agree on rules beforehand and always change them as they go, but everyone must agree on scoring.

5. I Spy Hide n Seek: This is a mix of two classics plus some technology. Everyone gets a handheld two-way radio and spreads out while one person is chosen to be “it.” The players hide and wait to hear from the person who is “it” on the walkie talkie saying they are coming. The “it” person can ask each person to “spy” something in front of them one time to give them a hint as to where they may be, sharing this information with them over the walkie talkie. Last to be found wins, and if the person who is “it” gives up, everyone wins (except them, of course).

Those are all the games for now, so go out and play a few while you watch your favorite pastime—even if it is a little boring, you can always make it more fun.

Post Michael Young Trade Reaction

So the dust has settled on the Michael Young trade. With a day or so to reflect on the trade, I still find it utterly pointless. Why the Dodgers brought in another over-priced declining infielder, for what exactly? Not one clue. I got nothing over here. It wasn’t to be the starting third baseman, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly says Juan Uribe is still the team’s starting third baseman and Young will see time at both corner infield positions, according to Bill Shaikin. Yep, you are still scratching your head, awesome, right?

From Michael Young’s perspective it’s a no-brainer. Why not waive your no-trade clause and play for the Dodgers? The Dodgers are heavy favorites to make the playoffs in 2013, the Phillies, not so much.

It’s not a bad deal for the Dodgers. Just unnecessary. The Dodgers get Michael Young to the Dodgers for minor-league pitcher Rob Rasmussen, the Dodgers just overpaid. Rasmussen is way too much for a bench player. Ridiculous Colletti shenanigans. Philadelphia is also paying the Dodgers about $1.7MM – the amount the Phillies were still due to receive from the Rangers as part of their original trade for Young in December. That’s a plus. I suppose he’s better than Nick Punto. So that’s a plus.

It’s certainly not a bad deal. Giving up Rasmussen is definitely too much, but it’s not like he was going to be cracking the big leagues anytime soon. Young will be able to make an immediate impact, and he might just be the best veteran bench player in the league. Young is well regarded as clubhouse guy and great teammate. Young is a winner, the Dodgers are winners. So maybe this one will work out after all.