Dec 022012

Hey Colletti! You better not let this happen!!

Yes, we all know Brian Wilson wants to pitch for the Dodgers, but why would we want him in Dodger blue? It’s not because of his beard, you know the one that goes far beyond ridiculous. It’s not because he is coming off a 48 saves season, that was 2010. Sure he had 36 in 2011, but he also missed a big part of the season due to injury. Then in 2012, he manages to post two innings before going down and having reconstructive elbow surgery. The Giants non-tendered him, major red flag anyone? If the Giants are willing to let him walk, something must be up. Plus on top of all that, he is an ex-Giant, and it’s not like we have a great history with bringing ex-Giants to Los Angeles. As a matter of fact we have been burned on every occasion if my memory serves me correct. If not Jason Schmidt and Juan Uribe should be reason enough to avoid ex-Giants until the end of time.

Of course the Dodgers may be in the clear, according to Dylan Hernandez the interest of Brian Wilson in Dodger blue is not mutual among both parties. Hernandez says the Dodgers are not expected to pursue “The Beard” this winter.

Even on anĀ incentive-laden deal similar to the one Ryan Madson signed with the Angels. Madson, who underwent a similar procedure, is guaranteed $3.5 million and could earn another $3.5 million in roster bonuses and performance-based incentives. I still don’t want any part of the beard. I don’t like him Sam I am, I don’t want him in blue, I want to kick him with my shoe.

The Winter Meetings kick off tomorrow from Nashville, nothing can be ruled out at this point, but I would really like to think we can rule out Brian Wilson, his bad elbow, and his stupid beard.

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  1. Dont forget about jeff kent

  2. I have been checking out a few of your posts and it’s pretty good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

  3. Is there automatic and legitimate copyright for the content on a site?

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