Aug 072009

Some random LA Dodgers chatter to fill your Friday afternoon.

Guillermo Mota took his fine like a man, and does not plan on appealing. He will not receive a suspension from the drama with Prince Fielder in Tuesday nights blowout against the Brewers.

Jason Schmidt is in danger of being shut down again, and this time it may be for good. Eric Stults is rumored to be heading to Los Angeles by Monday. My take is Schmidt doesn’t have anything left in the tank, and has been ineffective and gotten lucky with a solid Dodgers defense behind him. The potential Stults and Schmidt exchange speaks for itself and doesn’t require any explanation.

Ronald Belisario, Tony Abreu, and Doug Mientkiewicz are all do back within a couple of weeks. This means some roster moves are going to have to be made. The Dodgers roster is beginning to get very crowded, and could possibly lead to an August trade. Both Abreu and Belisario are to be called back up to the bigs within the next several days along with Stults. Schmidt is still scheduled to make his next start in San Francisco on Monday as of today.

Jeff Weaver could also be part of a cut to make room for someone who is much more effective. The likely replacement being Belisario or Wade who are both in the minors on rehab assignments. Juan Castro is likely to go away if and when Tony Abreu arrives. Of course this all talk could be undone with a trade by the Dodgers GM Ned Colletti. However there is absolute silence in the Dodgers rumors department.

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  1. I just read on that schmidt was put back on the DL with shoulder issues and that kuroda is going to start monday. Torre says he wants schmidt for september.

  2. i think its a bunch of bs. Schmidt is done. They should just cut him. Wade. I dont like wade but thankfully belasario is back….after the performence from mcdonald i belive he should get the start

  3. No reason to cut Schmidt, we have to pay him either way. The best is to put him on the disabled list and let him rest and see what happens when we get to September. This better show Colletti he needs to get on the phone immediately.

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