Dec 172012

Zack Greinke


The Los Angeles Dodgers shocked the world this past week when they announced that they had signed star pitcher Zack Greinke to a long term, lucrative contract. He has been placed on the team as a way to help them develop strength in their pitching core so that they can get closer to the World Series in 2013. If all goes well, adding Greinke to the team will make them formidable MLB picks for years to come.

As it pertains to how Zack Greinke will help out the team, he will add much needed depth to their pitching core. He is currently one of the best pitchers in the league and presents an intense match up for most any hitter currently playing. The Dodgers have made a huge move to acquire Greinke, but it does come at a cost. He will need to step it up if he wants to be worth the money the team spent on him.

Speaking of how much Greinke is reportedly being offered, his contract states that he will make 147 million dollars over six years if he stays throughout its entire duration This is a huge move for the Dodgers and a risky one at that. Him playing to the best of his abilities will be a huge concern to the team over the course of the first few months of the 2013 Major League Baseball season.

When it comes to huge moves the Los Angeles Dodgers could have made over the 2012 offseason, signing star pitcher Zack Greinke was at the top of the list. He is a huge get for the team and could lead them down the road to excellence. He is a high risk, high reward pick up, however, so every time he stumbles people will be there to say it was a bad move by the team. If they stick with him, however, they have a very good chance of being contenders for the World Series.

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Dec 032012

Things look to be moving in the right direction for the Los Angeles Dodgers as it pertains to their offseason prospects.  Just this last week they set up a meeting with star pitcher Zach Greinke and the meeting reportedly went well.  While it is anything but a done deal, picking up Greinke could make the Los Angeles Dodgers sure fire MLB picks going into the much anticipated 2013 season.

The bad news about the meeting this week is the fact that Greinke also met with the Angels while in California.  This shows that he is a hot commodity and could be tougher to get for the Dodgers than they first had anticipated.  Him switching momentum and going to the Angels could cause a huge ripple in the MLB that will be felt for years to come.

Also, the Angels are not the only in talks with Greinke at this time.  The Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals are also looking to swoop up the pitcher and are willing to spend a great deal to make sure he is wearing their colors come the start of the season.  Luckily for the Dodgers, they have a great deal of money to work with currently and will more than likely be able to offer Greinke much more than the other teams are willing to.  They just have to weigh his worth and see if he is ultimately worth the money they would be offering him.  He is a great pitcher but may end up tying up too much money in the long.  This something the Dodgers have had to deal with recently and would not want to repeat any time soon.

As it stands now, the Dodgers are hot on the trail of acquiring Zack Greinke for the start of the 2013 season.  They need to first make sure other teams do not beat them to the punch as well as keeping an eye on how much they are willing to pay Greinke in the long run.

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Nov 292012

With all the controversy going on in Los Angeles about who they will pick up in the offseason, many outlets have begun to report that they have their sights set firmly on current free agent pitcher Zack Greinke. By acquiring the talents of Greinke, the Dodgers could become viable MLB picks throughout the year. While Los Angeles certainly has the money to get Greinke going into the 2013 season, they will have to outbid a plethora of other teams that have their eyes on him. Greinke, who has played in Major League Baseball since 2004, is no stranger to jumping from one team to another. Starting his career on the Kansas City Royals, he played for them as their premiere pitcher for six seasons until getting traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. Here he saw his best success, pitching at his greatest level to date. Late in the season this year, Greinke was traded yet again to the Anaheim Angels, where he played until the end of the year. Now being a free agent, he has the freedom to hear offers from all teams in the league, the Dodgers included. Many assume Los Angeles will put together a great offer for him since he is the highest on their list of players they want to acquire. If they get him on their team, they could see themselves as serious World Series contenders by as early as the 2013 season. He is a great pitcher that will help the team out immensely. There are plenty of things the Dodgers could do over the course of the offseason to make their team as strong as possible going into the 2013 year. By acquiring the services of one Zack Greinke, they will make their pitching core as strong as any other team in the league. He really could help them get to the next level as a team.

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Sep 182012

After not being able to cash in on the rubber game with the Cardinals over the weekend, the Dodgers face a three game series with the NL East leading Nationals. After a day off Monday to travel, will the Dodgers be able to keep winning to put pressure on the Cardinals. There are only a few more weeks of MLB picks, and the Dodgers sit a game back of the Cardinals for the second wildcard spot.

The Dodgers have 15 games left, and nine of them are on the road. LA will play behind Aaron Harang in the first game, and they will be facing the young Jordan Zimmerman. Harang is even at 9-9 this season, with a solid 3.79 ERA. Zimmermann has been up and down this season, but he is still above .500, and his ERA is just 3.01.

The troubles begin with the second game, as the Dodgers will pitch Josh Beckett, and John Lannan will counter him. Neither of these two have started for their respective clubs for very long. Lannan is 3-0 in his three starts, with a 2.41 ERA. In three starts, Beckett has actually been solid, but the offense has scored approximately five runs in those four starts. In two of his four starts for LA, Beckett has given up only one run in a game twice.

The rubber game will have Chris Capuano on the hill for Los Angles, and opposing him will be Ross Detwiler for the Nationals. Capuano has been the Dodgers second best pitcher this season, but that isn’t saying a whole lot. Both pitchers in the finale will give up runs.

The offense might be the deciding factor in all three of these games. The added firepower has to start coming through, or the Dodgers could be in trouble. In their final 15 games, they face all three of the NL division leaders.


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Jul 232012
The LA Dodgers were swooning going into the All-Star break, but thanks goodness for the returns of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. Because LA, like at least some of us who offer up free MLB picks figured it would, regained a bit of stream with a three-game sweep of the Mets in New York over the weekend.

Now the Dodgers move on to St. Louis for a four-game set with the Cardinals.

A Queens Sweep

Coming out of the All-Star break LA dropped two of three games to both the Padres and Phillies. So they went into New York last Friday in a bit of a downer. But the Dodgers roughed up Johan Santana on their way to a 7-6 victory Friday, held off the Mets Saturday 8-5, then got the sweep Sunday with an 8-3 decision, scoring five times in the top of the 12thafter reliever Javy Guerra blew the save in the bottom of the ninth.

In winning as +140 underdogs Friday, -125 favorites Saturday and +140 dogs Sunday, the Blue Crew made a tidy $380 on the weekend, based on theoretical $100 wagers on each game.

So heading into Monday’s play LA, at 52-44, sits in second place in the NL West, a game and a half back of first-place San Francisco. The Dodgers are also only a half-game back of Atlanta, which owns the second NL Wild-Card spot at the moment.

On to St. Louie

LA now meets a Cardinals team that just swept three games from the Cubs over the weekend by a combined score of 23-1. Yeah, that’s not a misprint – 23-1. So St. Louis, at 50-45, sits five games back in the NL Central, and two games out in the NL Wild-Card scrum.

Chad Billingsley will come off the DL to start Monday’s game for the Dodgers against Joe Kelly for the Cardinals; Then Tuesday Clayton Kershaw will go against Adam Wainwright; Wednesday it’ll be Aaron Harang vs. Kyle Lohse; and Thursday Chris Capuano will start vs. Jake Westbrook.

In the first and only previous meeting this season between these two teams the Dodgers swept three games from the Cards in LA back in May by scores of 6-5, 6-0 and 6-5. Interestingly, Kemp missed all three of those games, while serving his first stint of this season on the DL.

As of Monday morning BetOnline is listing the Dodgers as +140 underdogs to win this series, with the Cardinals giving -160 as the favorites.

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