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The 2013 MLB Fan Cave contest is well under way for its third season. Last month, Major League Baseball revealed it’s list of the top 50 candidates out of the tens of thousands of submissions.

Every team has at least one representative, but this isn’t about them. This is about the Dodgers, their fans and more importantly their fanatics. This is about having a Dodger fan represent all of us in front of the rest of the country’s baseball fans.

In 2013 the Dodgers have three die-hard, true blue Dodger fans among the top 50 candidates vying to make the next cut where that number gets dwindled down to a top 30 and an invite to Spring Training to audition to be one of the nine 2013 Fan Cave Dwellers who will get to live in the MLB Fan Cave where they get to chronicle their lives in the Fan Cave through social media outlets, blogs and videos in their quest to be the last person standing as the ultimate winner.

This is the third and final interview with each of the fans representing the Dodgers this year.

Mark Fabrick

Mr. Fabrick is  a 28-year old grad student at Cal State Long Beach.  He was born in Los Angeles, and raised in La Crescenta.  He attended Cal State Northridge where he graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. He currently works as a grocery store supervisor and has had numerous media internships  including Fox Sports Radio, Universal Sports Network, and New Line Cinema.

Matt Rogina: What made you want to try out for MLB Fan cave?

Mark Fabrick: MLB Fan Cave is the ultimate opportunity to showcase my broadcast and reporting talents in a fun and entertaining environment.  I’m passionate about baseball, so the opportunity to get to interview players and celebrities who are fans of the game, is a can’t miss one.  I’ve always wanted to podcast my own sports talk show, and MLB Fan Cave is that to the umpteenth degree.  MLB players doing impressions of movie scenes, count me in!

MR: I know you are a Dodger fan. How long have you been a Dodger fan?

MF: Definitely been a Dodger fan for as long as I can remember.  I can always remember hearing Vin Scully’s voice on the TV or radio.

MR: When did you go to your first game?

MF: I’m guessing I was about 11 or 12 for my first game.

MR: What was that first live game experience like?

MF: I just remember how green the grass was, how bright the lights were, the smell of the food in the stadium, and just the total ambiance of it all.  I know it was Dodgers vs. Padres, and I’m pretty sure Eric Karros hit a home run.

MR: What is your fondest childhood baseball memory?

MF: My brother and I pitching to each other in our front yard as kids.

MR: Did you play any baseball growing up? What positions? How long did you play?

MF: Just playing Over the Line, Sandlot style, with the guys in the neighborhood growing up.  I always preferred the outfield. Now as an adult I try and hit up the batting cages from time-to-time.

MR: Who were some of your favorite players in baseball growing up?

MF: I enjoyed all the old school Dodgers coming up like Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi, and later Shawn Green and Gary Sheffield.  Non-Dodger players I enjoyed were Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey, Jr., Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, Tim Salmon, Manny Ramirez, Nomar Garciaparra, just to name a few.

MR: Who is your all time favorite Dodger player?

MF: I might say Matt Kemp. Just based on sheer talent, he might me the most talented player ever to put on a Dodgers uniform.  Matt also embodies everything it means to be a superstar in a major media market like L.A.

MR: How many games do you go to live each season? How many do you watch or listen to on the radio?

MF: I generally attend a dozen or so games each season.  I attended less this past year, having started grad school.  If the game’s on I’m watching it, and If I’m not home, I’m checking the score on my phone constantly.

MR: Have you ever gone to Spring Training in Florida or Arizona?

MF: No, but hopefully I’ll be going this year as a member of the MLB FanCave Top 30.

MR: I hope you will be too! What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done to show support of the Dodgers?

MF: Nothing too outrageous, just ridiculous cheering and pounding of seats at games.  Perhaps, the occasional drawing of an L.A. logo on an open chalk board.

MR: How many ballparks have you been to?

MF: Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and PETCO Park.

MR: I see you write about the Dodgers. How long have you been doing that and what got you started doing so?

MF: I had been doing my own MLBlog on-and-off for a couple of years just to keep my writing sharp.  One of my grad school classmates introduced me to Dodgers Nation, I joined the staff, starting writing series reviews as well as editorial content, and I haven’t looked back.  I love baseball, but covering it from a journalistic aspect connects you even more with the game and the players, and I absolutely love writing about baseball.

MR: What is the greatest Dodger moment you ever witnessed?

MF: I was only four years old when the Dodgers won the World Series in 1988, so their NLCS runs in 2008 and 2009 would have to be the “greatest” Dodgers moments I’ve witnessed.  I’ve been to tons of great games, so in person, either Manny Ramirez bobblehead night where he hit a pinch-hit grand slam, or going to my only playoff game when they played the Cubs in the divisional series in 2008.  On TV I would have to say Steve Finley‘s walk-off grand slam against the Giants to clinch the division in 2004.  I was going nuts watching that.

MR: If you could meet any present player on the Dodgers, who would it be and why?

MF: I’d like to meet Andre Ethier.  I admire Andre’s work ethic, the way he holds himself accountable, and the way he plays with a chip on his shoulder, I’d just like to pick his brain and see what drives him.

MR: What about non-players? If you could meet any present member og the Dodgers that wasn’t a player, who would it be and why?

MF: It would certainly be GM Ned Colletti, just to see what a day in his life is like.  I think any baseball fan would be interested in seeing what the life of a GM entails.

MR: And what about all-time? If you could meet anybody throughout Dodger history, who would you want to meet?

MF: It’s a tossup between Sandy Koufax and Jackie Robinson.  Koufax, simply because there has never been a more dominant starting pitcher in the modern era and he is the most iconic L.A. sports figure of all time, with the possible exception of Magic Johnson.  Robinson, just because of the transcendent figure he is historically and to hear how he rose above all the injustice he encountered along the way to greatness.

MR: If you were given the task of choosing one current person in the Dodgers organization to be the face of the franchise, who would you pick and why?

MF: Matt Kemp. He’s like the LeBron James of MLB. Just the most exciting, explosive player on the field, completely charismatic off the field.

MR: If you were an MLB player, what would be your walk up music and why?

MF: I would actually change my walk up song regularly, a la Matt Kemp.  But, now at this moment, 2 Chainz, I’m Different, just a cool beat.

MR: You’re general manager of the Dodgers for one day. You can make any one move to improve the team. what move do you make?

MF: I actually really like the current Dodgers roster. They’re offense is solid, they have all-star players all around, the rotation is deep with two of the top 10 starters in the game at the top.  And the bullpen is stacked at the back end too.  League, Jansen, and Belisario were all lights-out last year.  I would love to get Chase Headley off of the Padres.  I’d offer Chad Billingsley, Chris Capuano, and a pair of prospects.  Would the Padres accept the deal? Probably not, but hey, it’s worth a try.

MR: You touch on the Dodgers-Giants rivalry in your video. Explain why you think it is one of, if not the greatest rivalry in baseball?

MF: The SoCal-NorCal rivalry is timeless, and nothing epitomizes it more than Dodgers vs. Giants.  The rivalry is timeless, starting on the East Coast, and moving West in the ’50s.   Classic moments from the Shot Heard Round the World to Marichal and Roseboro brawling to Steve Finley’s walk-off there is no better or more closely contested rivalry than Dodgers-Giants.


MR: Does the rivalry ever get taken too far or get out of hand?

MF: Although in the news it appears that it has, in my personal experience, no.  Throughout my college experience and continuing into grad school, I’ve known tons of Giants fans and I’ve never had anything but a friendly rivalry with them.  Unfortunately, any sports rivalry can be taken too far by over zealous and overly intoxicated fans.

MR: There is less then a week remaining before voting closes to be the 2013 Cave dweller. Tell my audience why they deserve your vote?

MF: I think I bring the perfect combination of being a passionate baseball fan, as well as a discerning pop culture enthusiast.  I saw an MLB Meme that compared Tim Lincecum‘s new haircut to McLovin’ from Superbad (spot on, by the way).  I’m constantly on the lookout for things like that. I’m sure Dodger fans will appreciate that I always associate Randy Wolf with Ron Howard.  Not only will I ask Matt Kemp about his most recent hitting streak and his workout regimen.  I’ll ask him what he does on a Friday night during the offseason, I’ll ask him who are some cool celebs he’s rubbed shoulders with.  The FanCave is a place the players get to let loose and just kick back and I bring that laid back attitude to the FanCave.

What do you say, Dodger fans?  Do you have any questions or comments for Mr. Fabrick?  If nothing else, please be sure to send him well wishes in the comments section or you can follow him on these social network sites:

You can follow him on twitter @MarkFabrick where you can follow the rest of his journey.
Be sure to vote for him at http://mlb.mlb.com/fancave/vote.jsp. You can vote as frequent as you wish between now and February 13th. Let’s show him some Dodger love and support him in his dream!
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