Dec 122012

The Dodgers have designated Scott Van Slyke for assignment. The move was made earlier today to make room on the 40-man roster for the newly acquired Skip Schumaker.

This move left me and a lot of Dodger fans scratching their heads. Why? Because Van Slyke is one of the few options the Dodgers have to play first base and both outfield corner positions. The right-hander also possesses some power potential that could come in handy, as the Dodgers bench currently doesn’t have any.

Van Slyke , 26, wasn’t very impressive in the majors this year hitting a dismal .167/.196/.315 in 57 plate appearances for the boys in blue, his first shot at the show. In Triple-A, however, Van Slyke hit .327/.404/.578 with 18 homers in 411 Triple-A plate appearances this summer. So it seems odd to waste someone who still has some time on his prospect clock, and could be on the verge of breaking out. This move grows even more puzzling especially with Juan Uribe (aka giant waste of space) still clogging up the roster.

It’s also worth noting Scott has some good baseball blood running in his veins, as he is son of the long-time big leaguer Andy Van Slyke.

Speculation is growing that a trade could be in the works. Makes sense. Actually it’s the only logical explanation for this move at the moment. Word on the street is the Dodgers are talking a deal that would send Van Slyke and Chris Capuano to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Joel Hanrahan.

Who thinks Ned should pull the trigger?

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  4 Responses to “Dodgers DFA Scott Van Slyke, Trade In The Works?”

  1. Yes, I’ve heard the same rumor. However, why would you DFA him when the Pirates could pick him up for nothing? Personally, I think it was a mistake to make him a DFA. He had to have options left.

  2. If I seem to recall, they have 10 days to trade him or release him. I would make the deal with Hanrahan. However, I’m a little leary dealing Capuano now and not knowing how The other starting pitchers come back. I guess we’ll find out soon.

  3. Good move

  4. Van Slyke is MLB-unproven at 26, so he’s off the prospect list. He won’t hit 25 HR in the majors. His 18 HR came at Albuquerque, where the ball sails on forever in the light air and altitude. His personality is questionable, and it doesn’t really matter who his father or mother are when he comes to the plate. The trade should go down if the FO thinks they need another relief pitcher. I don’t know that they do, so I think I’d keep Capuano. But, yeah, if they think they need one, Hanrahan is a stud who belongs back in LA where he began.

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