May 032012

Update 5/3/2012 6:15pm: Dylan Hernandez is tweeting that we should not expect an official announcement on Abreu today.

So it looks like I was on to something Monday after all. It was just a couple days ago I took a shot in the dark and said that Bobby Abreu should come to the Dodgers rescue, well their bench anyway. Jon Heyman is reporting that the Dodgers are nearing a deal with former all-star Bobby Abreu. Apparently there are some details that still need to be worked out, but talks are “very serious.”

Abreu makes perfect sense for the Dodgers, and obviously Magic and Kasten agree. Hey, all I can say is it sure is nice to have some decision makers around who first of all aren’t afraid to make a decision, two spend some money wisely, and three actually improve the team. It looks like Abreu will go down as the first move under the Guggenheim Baseball Management era.

So the Dodgers new ownership group is obviously making a to-do list, and are wasting no time in getting down to business. After all, what’s the big deal of spending a few hundred thousand dollars if it can add a player with the track record of someone like Abreu. The Angels are on the hook for Abreu’s $9MM salary, so essentially there is not a lot of risk here with the seventeen year veteran. After all it’s not like he can be any worse than Tony Gwynn Jr. or Adam Kennedy, and those are the two best pinch hitters we got right now. But I have covered all this already, so no need to beat a dead horse.

Abreu, 38, has had a ton of interest from around the league since hitting the open market. Last season for the Angels Abreu posted a .353 on-base percentage, stole 21 bases, and drew 78 walks. The Angels decided to move on from Abreu after failing to find a role for him. After a slow start to the 2012 season the Angels decided to go with some of their younger talent waiting in the minor leagues, and eventually decided that Abreu was no longer even worth a roster spot.

We should get some more word throughout the day tomorrow. It appears Abreu is happy with accepting a pinch-hitting/bench role with the Dodgers. Heyman says that the Dodgers intend to use him as their key hitter off the bench, also adding that Abreu would see time in the outfield, and I would assume first base as well. One big plus for Abreu, he gets to stay in beautiful southern California. The other big plus, he moves from one of the worst teams in the league, and one that will struggle to make the playoffs this year, to the best team in the National League, one that will likely win the NL West, beyond that? Well that’s up to Kasten, Magic, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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