Nov 292012

With all the controversy going on in Los Angeles about who they will pick up in the offseason, many outlets have begun to report that they have their sights set firmly on current free agent pitcher Zack Greinke. By acquiring the talents of Greinke, the Dodgers could become viable MLB picks throughout the year. While Los Angeles certainly has the money to get Greinke going into the 2013 season, they will have to outbid a plethora of other teams that have their eyes on him. Greinke, who has played in Major League Baseball since 2004, is no stranger to jumping from one team to another. Starting his career on the Kansas City Royals, he played for them as their premiere pitcher for six seasons until getting traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. Here he saw his best success, pitching at his greatest level to date. Late in the season this year, Greinke was traded yet again to the Anaheim Angels, where he played until the end of the year. Now being a free agent, he has the freedom to hear offers from all teams in the league, the Dodgers included. Many assume Los Angeles will put together a great offer for him since he is the highest on their list of players they want to acquire. If they get him on their team, they could see themselves as serious World Series contenders by as early as the 2013 season. He is a great pitcher that will help the team out immensely. There are plenty of things the Dodgers could do over the course of the offseason to make their team as strong as possible going into the 2013 year. By acquiring the services of one Zack Greinke, they will make their pitching core as strong as any other team in the league. He really could help them get to the next level as a team.

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