Dec 102012


It was announced this past Sunday that the Los Angeles Dodgers have signed left handed pitching sensation Hyun-Jin Ryu to a huge, six year contract. With the signing, the team will see a lot more depth in their starting pitching position that will surely make them more dangerous as a team in 2013. Ultimately, this signing makes the Los Angeles Dodgers viable MLB picks for the upcoming season as well as many more to come.

As it pertains to Ryu, his biggest asset is the fact that he is indeed a left handed pitcher. This gives the Dodgers the option to start him against teams that have powerhouse hitters as a way to fluster them early in the season. Add to that the fact that he is coming from the Korean Baseball Organization and you have someone that a host MLB teams will not be ready for in the early parts of the baseball year. Most signings involve bringing in players from other teams that hitters may have played before and have a feel for, but this is not the case with Ryu. He will surely give a lot of hitters a head throughout the season. Add to that the fact that in the KBO he went 98 and 52 with an ERA of 2.8 overall and you have a good starting pitcher to work with. He is a dangerous commodity and the Dodgers were smart to sign him when they did. Overall, he is the right fit for the team.

With the signing of Hyun-Jin Ryu the Los Angeles Dodgers have seen a spark to their 2013 that was not their previously. If they utilize him well and figure out exactly which games to use him in, the team could certainly be entering the World Series come October.

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