Feb 222013

It was about 5:00pm yesterday afternoon when I was casting my votes away, in hopes of helping Matt Kemp rally from behind in his effort to beat Jayson Heyward. At this time, with less than 8 hours to go, Heyward had 62% of the votes, Kemp with 38%. This was a major deficit, though some ground had been made on 80 percent deficit Kemp faced earlier on in the day. The situation seemed all but too much to overcome, even for the Bison. In the end Dodger fans came together to defeat the Braves’ Jason Heyward in the semi-finals of MLB Network’s Face of MLB contest.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Face of MLB contest, the contest pits players against other superstars of baseball, and allows for fans to place their votes on Twitter, supporting  the player they believe to be that best represents the face of Major League Baseball.

Kemp is starting to be the comeback king.

In the quarterfinals, it was Kemp who came back from what was a bitter battle to the end with the Angels’ rookie sensation Mike Trout by four percent. No love lost between Dodgers and Angels fans these days, this time it was no different as a heated war broke out on Twitter. Of course Kemp beat Trout in the end. You weren’t surprised were you? I know I wasn’t.

Prior to Trout, Kemp defeated Starlin Castro of the Cubs and Felix Hernandez of the Mariners. Even less surprising. King Felix is on the Seattle Mariners, enough said. Castro, one of the great young players in the game, but Cubs fans don’t have much wind in the sails these days.

While the results are yet to be released about yesterday’s Rocky like performance by Kemp, it’s believed that a 52-48 result could be the likely outcome, I am thinking it will be closer like a 51-49 victory. Braves fans went to sleep thinking they had it in the bag, all to find out that Dodger fans bleed blue even at three in the morning.

In the finals, Kemp is slated to await the winner of the Reds’ Joey Votto and the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen. All three are MVP caliber players, all three are household names, and all three could easily be the face of MLB. There is only one Matt Kemp however, and believe me, as close as the race will be, Kemp is the face of the MLB.

Kemp will have his work cut out for him this time around, but keep in mind both the Reds and Pirates lie in the eastern time zone. We saw how Braves fans got off to an early start, propelling Heyward to a 90-10 advantage early on. Kemp will need a strong start from the beginning to get the battle going early. However, we also so how the Dodgers family kept fighting, voting into the late, or is it early hours of the morning? Either way, we united and came back from what seemed an impossible deficit. Time to unite once again, start strong, finish even stronger.

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