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Former Los Angeles Dodger and 12-time All-Star Mike Piazza admitted to taking amphetamines and Androstenedione during his career.

Earlier, Piazza reiterated his long standing denial of taking performance-enhancing drugs during his career. However, in his book, Longshot, he addresses the accusations even further.

When asked, if he ever used performance-enhancing drugs during his baseball career, he acknowledged, in a round-about way that he had done some PEDs.

“My histories of denial are documented all the way back to 1997. So, I never really thought that was news,” Piazza said. “But, obviously, in the light of the history, and I try to put that into perspective. You know, paint a picture of the history of the game and how not just PEDs, but generally the whole philosophy on training for the game changed with weight training and guys. Generally it was discouraged when I was a kid. ”

He continued, “I remember people saying, ‘you’re gonna get muscle-bound, you’re gonna get too tight. Ball players don’t train’. So I kind of wanted to paint a picture just generally. training in general changed. Guys realized, ‘wait a minute, I’m getting stronger, the ball is going further as long as I stretch and as long as I keep hitting.’ So, generally that whole philosophy did change.”

In his book, he quotes himself from 1997 saying, “I don’t use steroids. I’m not upset by the rumors.”

When asked how a player who professes to be clean could not be upset by rumors he replies, “I just think there are some people you can’t convince. I can only do so much.”

However, in his book he admits to much more. On MLB Network he confirms that he used greenies, Androstenedione, Rofecoxib (Vioxx), and other now-banned substances, blaming it on trainers.

“Well, most of the stuff I documented was pretty much through the training room, through the trainers,” Piazza said. “I just wanted to paint a picture that drugs, unfortunately, is a part of sports. Obviously, it’s part of the training room. Sometimes you have to do those things.”

He goes on more about blurring lines and painting pictures before letting us know what Androstenedione meant for him.

“For me, it was just a supplement that came in a pack that I bought and once I learned it was being discouraged, I stopped it.”

As if calling out Legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully wasn’t enough to hurt his standing with the fans and Hall of Fame voters.

When asked if he was disappointed in the last hall of Fame ballot where he didn’t get voted in, he said that he was not and that he, “respected the process.”

Last time I checked, playing baseball was part of that process and taking any form of performance enhancing drug was not respecting that process.

I never liked Mike Piazza. But I respected him as a ball player. I considered him the greatest catcher of my generation and perhaps of all-time.

Now, I consider him no better then Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Eric Gagne and the rest.

When I cast my ballot for the Internet Base Ball Writers Association of America Hall of Fame last year, I voted for him. Next year, I will not.

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  1. And who are you to judge?? I’d cast a “yes” in a second…

    • cutfastball¬†
      writers are supposed to judge. ¬†that’s how they base their votes by judging.

    • Isa from Italy, May 21, 2012 at 12:38 PM La posizione della stuuttrra, praticamente a ridosso dell’Arena di , ne fa sicuramente un punto di forza. Segnalo positivamente la disponibilite0 e l’attenzione del personale della reception, nonche8 l’impeccabile pulizia della camera. Buona anche la colazione, sicuramente tornerf2 all’Hotel San Luca la prossima volta che verrf2 a Verona.

  2. Each voter has the right to vote as they see fit. One of the unique aspects of the MLB Hall of fame is that in it’s directions to voters, it says that a voter should take character into consideration. As such, I will not vote for someone who used performance enhancing drugs. Simple as that.

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