Nov 172009

Not a lot of talk about Pedro Martinez up to this point. There was some news that Pedro wants to pitch a full season in 2010. Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports spoke with Pedro’s agent Fern Cuza, who said Pedro “absolutely” intends on playing a full season in 2010. Morosi also mentioned that Pedro referenced the Dodgers and Cubs as teams that had been in the mix during the summer. The Dodgers passed up on Pedro and the move heavily backfired. I was pulling for the Dodgers to deny Pedro, as I thought Pedro was washed up and had nothing left. I don’t think anybody thought Pedro would do as well as he did with the Phillies in later half of 2009.

It’s still hard for me to imagine Pedro having much left in the tank. I also highly doubt Pedro can do what he did in 2009 over the course of an entire season. Martinez is now 38 years old and has a very high injury risk. He pitched a total of 74 innings this year and 109 in ’08.  A multiyear deal seems unlikely, as does any guaranteed big money. He will be fortunate to get a one year deal, with $3MM to $5MM guaranteed. I definitely think he is a solid fit for the Dodgers, especially at the back of the rotation. Dayn Perry of MLB Fox Sports also agrees Martinez is a “move that needs to happen.” Dodger Stadium is a pitcher friendly park that will help Martinez keep his homerun total down. Colletti at the least should consider this move. It’s a good fit no doubt, especially for financial reasons. There is no current guarantee on what is going to happen with the McCourts or Dodgers ownership. Both sides should be able to come up with a contract that meets both sides. Is Pedro the perfect high risk-high reward player? Pedro Martinez in Dodger blue, what do you all think?

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Nov 122009

The 2010 Los Angeles Dodgers schedule is posted below, including home and away games. If you’re looking for a downloadable schedule, I will have a PDF available shortly. (d) = day game, (n) = night game.

April 5 at Pittsburgh, (d)
April 7 at Pittsburgh, (n)
April 8 at Pittsburgh, (n)
April 9 at Florida, (n)
April 10 at Florida, (n)
April 11 at Florida, (d)
April 13 Arizona, (d)
April 14 Arizona, (n)
April 15 Arizona, (n)
April 16 San Francisco, (n)
April 17 San Francisco, (n)
April 18 San Francisco, (n)
April 20 at Cincinnati, (n)
April 21 at Cincinnati, (n)
April 22 at Cincinnati, (n)
April 23 at Washington, (n)
April 24 at Washington, (d)
April 25 at Washington, (d)
April 26 at N.Y. Mets, (n)
April 27 at N.Y. Mets, (n)
April 28 at N.Y. Mets, (d)
April 29 Pittsburgh, (n)
April 30 Pittsburgh, (n)
May 1 Pittsburgh, (n)
May 2 Pittsburgh, (n)
May 4 Milwaukee, (n)
May 5 Milwaukee, (n)
May 6 Milwaukee, (n)
May 7 Colorado, (n)
May 8 Colorado, (n)
May 9 Colorado, (n)
May 10 at Arizona, (n)
May 11 at Arizona, (n)
May 12 at Arizona, (n)
May 14 at San Diego, (n)
May 15 at San Diego, (n)
May 16 at San Diego, (d)
May 17 Houston, (n)
May 18 Houston, (n)
May 19 San Diego, (n)
May 20 San Diego, (n)
May 21 Detroit, (n)
May 22 Detroit, (n)
May 23 Detroit, (n)
May 24 at Chicago Cubs, (n)
May 26 at Chicago Cubs, (n)
May 27 at Chicago Cubs, (d)
May 28 at Colorado, (n)
May 29 at Colorado, (n)
May 30 at Colorado, (d)
May 31 Arizona, (n)
June 1 Arizona, (n)
June 2 Arizona, (n)
June 3 Atlanta, (n)
June 4 Atlanta, (n)
June 5 Atlanta, (n)
June 6 Atlanta, (n)
June 7 St. Louis, (n)
June 8 St. Louis, (n)
June 9 St. Louis, (n)
June 11 at L.A. Angels, (n)
June 12 at L.A. Angels, (n)
June 13 at L.A. Angels, (n)
June 15 L.A. Cincinnati, (n)
June 16 L.A. Cincinnati, (n)
June 17 L.A. Cincinnati, (n)
June 18 at Boston, (n)
June 19 at Boston, (n)
June 20 at Boston, (d)
June 21 L.A. Angels, (n)
June 23 L.A. Angels, (n)
June 24 L.A. Angels, (n)
June 25 N.Y. Yankees, (n)
June 26 N.Y. Yankees, (n)
June 27 N.Y. Yankees, (n)
June 28 at San Francisco, (n)
June 29 at San Francisco, (n)
June 30 at San Francisco, (n)
July 2 at Arizona, (n)
July 3 at Arizona, (n)
July 4 at Arizona, (d)
July 5 Florida, (n)
July 6 Florida, (n)
July 7 Florida, (n)
July 8 Chicago Cubs, (n)
July 9 Chicago Cubs, (n)
July 10 Chicago Cubs, (n)
July 11 Chicago Cubs, (n)
July 15 at St. Louis, (n)
July 16 at St. Louis, (n)
July 17 at St. Louis, (n)
July 18 at St. Louis, (d)
July 19 San Francisco, (n)
July 20 San Francisco, (n)
July 21 San Francisco, (n)
July 22 N.Y. Mets, (n)
July 23 N.Y. Mets, (n)
July 24 N.Y. Mets, (n)
July 25 N.Y. Mets, (n)
July 27 at San Diego, (n)
July 28 at San Diego, (n)
July 29 at San Diego, (d)
July 30 at San Francisco, (n)
July 31 at San Francisco, (n)
Aug. 1 at San Francisco, (d)
Aug. 2 San Diego, (n)
Aug. 3 San Diego, (n)
Aug. 4 San Diego, (n)
Aug. 5 San Diego, (n)
Aug. 6 Washington, (n)
Aug. 7 Washington, (n)
Aug. 8 Washington, (n)
Aug. 10 at Philadelphia, (n)
Aug. 11 at Philadelphia, (n)
Aug. 12 at Philadelphia, (n)
Aug. 13 at Atlanta, (n)
Aug. 14 at Atlanta, (n)
Aug. 15 at Atlanta, (d)
Aug. 16 at Atlanta, (n)
Aug. 17 Colorado, (n)
Aug. 18 Colorado, (n)
Aug. 19 Colorado, (n)
Aug. 20 Cincinnati, (n)
Aug. 21 Cincinnati, (n)
Aug. 22 Cincinnati, (n)
Aug. 24 at Milwaukee, (n)
Aug. 25 at Milwaukee, (n)
Aug. 26 at Milwaukee, (d)
Aug. 27 at Colorado, (n)
Aug. 28 at Colorado, (n)
Aug. 29 at Colorado, (d)
Aug. 30 Philadelphia, (n)
Aug. 31 Philadelphia, (n)
Sept. 1 Philadelphia, (n)
Sept. 3 San Francisco, (n)
Sept. 4 San Francisco, (n)
Sept. 5 San Francisco, (n)
Sept. 6 at San Diego, (n)
Sept. 7 at San Diego, (n)
Sept. 8 at San Diego, (n)
Sept. 9 at Houston, (n)
Sept. 10 at Houston, (n)
Sept. 11 at Houston, (n)
Sept. 12 at Houston, (d)
Sept. 14 at San Francisco, (n)
Sept. 15 at San Francisco, (n)
Sept. 16 at San Francisco, (n)
Sept. 17 Colorado, (n)
Sept. 18 Colorado, (n)
Sept. 19 Colorado, (n)
Sept. 21 San Diego, (n)
Sept. 22 San Diego, (n)
Sept. 23 San Diego, (n)
Sept. 24 at Arizona, (n)
Sept. 25 at Arizona, (n)
Sept. 26 at Arizona, (d)
Sept. 27 at Colorado, (n)
Sept. 28 at Colorado, (n)
Sept. 29 at Colorado, (d)
Oct. 1 Arizona, (n)
Oct. 2 Arizona, (n)
Oct. 3 Arizona, (n)

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Nov 112009

Update: John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer asked Reds GM Walt Jocketty about trading Joey Votto, Jocketty replied, “Oh God, no.” You can all cross Votto off the trade list.

Ed Price and Jeff Fletcher of MLB Fanhouse is reporting the Reds will have to slash payroll this winter. Cincinnati’s 2009 payroll was about $71 million. General manager Walt Jocketty said during a break Tuesday at the GM Meetings that he “might” have to move some high-salaried players to meet the 2010 goal.

Cincinnati is looking to cut their payroll from $71MM in 2009 to between the $65-$70MM range next season. It appears that poor ticket sales are to blame for the upcoming cuts.

If Cincinnati does make a deal, the top candidates to be traded are second baseman Brandon Phillips (owed just under $7MM in 2010), and pitchers Aaron Harang ($12.5MM) and Bronson Arroyo ($12.25MM). Phillips, averaging 23 homeruns and a .452 slugging percentage over the last four seasons, is the most likely target for the Dodgers.

Harang and Arroyo are both coming off decent years themselves, but trading them complicates things due to their bigger contract numbers. The Reds may be required to absorb a chunk of their salaries if traded.

Of course this is purely speculation but Phillips would be the perfect trade target for the Dodgers’ huge hole at second base. If Phillips is made available, I would almost certainly guarantee Colletti would be on the phone with Jocketty. Phillips is signed through 2011, plus a 2012 club option. Would Blake DeWitt and a pitching prospect be enough to put Phillips in Dodger blue?

I may be dreaming here a bit, but what about bringing Phillips, and either Harang or Arroyo over from Cincinatti? We could all dream some more and ask for Joey Votto as well. Would Blake DeWitt, James Loney, James McDonald, and a prospect be enough? This of course is all fun and purely speculative. Thoughts anyone?

Quick thanks to Cot’s Baseball Contracts for informational help with this post.

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Nov 112009

 Update: It’s official per team release. Congrats to the “Bison” and the “O-Dawg” on their awards.

Memories of Kevin Malone has a source in the MLB offices telling him that Orlando Hudson and Matt Kemp have each won a 2009 Gold Glove.

Here is some more from his post.

NL Gold Glove Winners

P – Adam Wainwright
C – Yadier Molina
1B – Adrian Gonzalez
2B – Orlando Hudson
3B – Ryan Zimmerman
SS – Jimmy Rollins
OF – Shane Victorino
OF – Matt Kemp
OF – Michael Bourn

Here’s further detail on the outfield situation.

Kemp had 72 votes, Victorino had 70, and Bourn had 31. 4th-6th place were Francoeur, Cameron, and Morgan respectively.


I would have had Brandon Phillips with Gold at second, and I think Kemp makes sense this year. But a case could be made for Nyjer Morgan and Mike Cameron over Kemp. Waiting for official news to be posted to confirm the above.

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Nov 102009

Diamond Leung has a quote from Dodgers free agent Randy Wolf, and said he’d like to return to the Dodgers.

“I would love to,” he said. “I’m not sure if that’s a mutual feeling. They have their goals for the future. I don’t know what their plans are.”

Ideally, Wolf said he’d like to sign a long-term deal.

Hopefully the feeling is mutual, and a deal can get done soon. Randy Wolf is a Type A free agent and this will chase away some interest guaranteed.

Dylan Hernandez is looking to confirm the Dodgers interest in Joel Piniero. He is probably too pricey anyway.

Jason Marquis also gets named recently with no confirmation. Stay tuned.

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