Aug 122009

Am I the only person that sees it? Jason Giambi is the absolute answer for the Dodgers bench. We have no power whatsoever off the bench. We need a guy that has homerun threat every time he steps up to the plate. That threat is nowhere to be found on the Dodgers bench currently. I haven’t seen much talk all season about the missing power factor and I think it’s time for it to be addressed. Our bench looks pretty good don’t get me wrong, but we need that clutch homerun power presence we are so obviously missing. I think this will become more of an issue as we reach September and be much easier to add a guy like Giambi when the rosters expand.

Let me break this down a little further. Who would you rather have at the plate with runners in scoring position, down one run with runners in scoring position, Jason Giambi or Juan Castro? Exactly, it’s a no brainer and that is my point. We need a hitter that makes the pitcher think a little harder than usual before he lays one in there. Giambi would add be a veteran bat with a long history of playoff experience. Oakland is on the hook for his salary this season either way so there is no risk. It’ s quite obvious that Giambi is nearing the end and just doesn’t have much to offer anymore as an everyday player. I also understand hitting .193 is nothing to brag about, but he has some power from the left side which is exactly what the Dodgers need. I say Ned gives Giambi a shot off the bench and hey what have we got to lose if it doesn’t work out we can always release him again right?

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Aug 112009

The Dodgers have been linked to Vicente Padilla according to Kevin Baxter of the LA Times. While this isn’t much of a surprise to anyone because the Dodgers should be linked to any available pitcher on the market right now. There is no doubt the Dodgers need pitching. Here is the question, is Vicente Padilla the answer? That’s what this section of Dodgers Talk is all about. We will look at the facts and then open up the comment section for all of you Dodgers fans to hand out your opinions.

Here is what we know so far. Joe Torre was quoted recently saying “If we’re going to need a starter, we’ll get a starter,” So that means the Dodgers will get a starter because we all know they need one but thanks Joe for clearing that up.

Vicente Padilla cleared waivers in June with no takers. He was then designated for assignment on August 7th. The only teams so far to be even mentioned as interested are the Dodgers and Brewers. Earlier today Brewers GM Doug Melvin said he has no interest in John Smoltz, Mark Mulder or Padilla. Padilla is 31, and has allowed 120 hits and 42 walks in 108 innings, striking out 59 for an ERA just under 5.00. No official word if Padilla has cleared waivers in August but there is no reason to believe he won’t.

The common consensus is that Padilla and the Dodgers are a good fit. There is no doubt a change of scenery to a winning team, in a pitcher friendly ballpark would do him some good. Torre is a great coach and can bring this guy around and correct any clubhouse issues.

The bottom line is this, a move to Chavez Ravine and the National League will give Padilla a boost. This will help out his very misleading ERA as his stats are in my opinion somewhat inflated. The Dodgers need a pitcher that can pitch 7 consistent innings, while keeping the walks to a minimum and limit offenses to 3 or 4 runs. I think Padilla can be our guy and the best thing is the risk is very minimal if we wait until he clears waivers. The Rangers are putting a lot of energy into ridding themselves of Padilla currently, and he has become a cancer on and off the field for the Texas ballclub.

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Aug 102009

Kevin Baxter of the LA Times has Dodgers manager Joe Torre saying the Dodgers can add pitching, and that they are actively looking outside the organization. Well I say there is too much looking and talking going on. With the Dodgers possible August waiver targets list changing daily one would think a move will come sooner rather than later.

The positive are when Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw are on their game they both look like staff aces. However they are not able to do this consistently, and because they are very young their lack of mental toughness shows at times. If they can find a way to be consistent for the remainder of the season the Dodgers will be in great shape. The problem is they have been unable to do this and leaving Dodgers management is a position where a move has to be made. Kuroda and Wolf I have little concern over as they are veterans and may not be the best pitchers in baseball, but they hand out six quality innings every start. Jason Schmidt is likely done for the season and his career is likely over as well. Eric Stults, Scot Elbert, James McDonald are simply too inexperienced to match up against playoff pitching. This leaves some huge question marks at the middle to back end of the rotation. The fifth spot in the rotation is in shambles currently and missing out of Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay is looking like a huge mistake.

There are some good available options on the pitching market. Several players that could help a young Dodgers team that is desperate for some long quality innings. However it seems all of these players are question marks themselves and no move is a guaranteed fix.

John Smoltz-He has had a rough year in Boston so far. A change of scenery back to the National League may do him some good. He would fit in exactly how Greg Maddux has done the last couple of years. He is definitely an upgrade over anything we have for the fifth rotation spot. He was recently designated for assignment by the Red Sox and will likely be released if not traded soon.

Vincente Padilla- This is a risk no doubt about it. Ned Colletti’s recent history of risky signings doesn’t look to good, and this is why the debate as to whether or not Padilla is a good fit for the Dodgers. Before being released Padilla had a 8-6 record, with an ERA of 4.92. He can pitch seven innings every outing and a move to the pitcher friendly Chavez Ravine could give him a boost.

Then you have Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang, Jon Garland, and Doug Davis. I personally think we should add either Smoltz or Padilla and then go after one of the above four. I am not very big on Garland as he has never been that impressive to me. Any thoughts? I will start up separate discussion articles if I get any official links with a source.

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Aug 092009

Alright wait just a minute what the heck just happened? Broxton blows another save (still love the guy, but man I was fuming Friday night) and basically our whole pitching staff has collapsed. We win one game from the Braves solely by Ethier’s heroic save. If not for that magical win we would be on a four game losing streak. We have lost 6 out of the last 10, currently on a three game losing streak. Wait it gets worse, we are no longer the best team in baseball and only up 5.5 games on Colorado and San Francisco. This had better be a slump and not a late season collapse. Our pitching has been very questionable lately and Colletti had better get busy.

There is no doubt that the Dodgers need a starting pitcher added to their rotation if they want any shot of winning it all this year. The Dodgers will win the NL West this year no matter what. But that isn’t enough anymore because that was an expectation going into this season. It is almost a certainty that we will have a rematch with the Phillies in the NLCS. This time however the outcome needs to be much different. The bar has been set high for this ballclub and it’s management this year, and a season without a trip to the World Series would be considered a huge disappointment.

Ned Colletti needs to pick up the phone and pull out at least one deal for a starting pitcher. The need for additional bullpen help remains to be seen. However blown saves by Broxton and late game collapses are not helping the bullpens case. With the list of available players dwindling rapidly it’s time for Colletti to take action. The Dodgers need a starter that has a veteran leadership presence that can also eat innings. It’s times like these that make you miss a guy like Derek Lowe. I strongly feel a guy like Aaron Harang or Bronso Arroyo could help this team out immensely. Colletti is going to be kicking himself for not acquiring Cliff Lee, and it could cost him his job this off-season. Colletti needs to get his act together and pull out some moves to save this ballclub, the season, and his job.

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Aug 092009

Dodgers pitcher Jason Schmidt has been placed on the disabled list once again. This time it may be for good as it appears he doesn’t have anything left. It seems injuries have just gotten the best of Jason, and it may be time for him to go out and save what little pride he has left. The flip side of this could be simply a roster move for a very crowded roster. This will enable the Dodgers to give him some rest and have him ready for the September roster call-ups.

No news on Will Ohman and probably will not hear anything for a couple more weeks. If he can get healthy in time, he may be eligible for a spot on the roster in September when the rosters expand. His return this season still remains very doubtful.

Billingsley remains questionable for his next start on Wednesday. Torre will not rush him back and risk further injury. His hamstring remains tight and is still somewhat limited and the official word will come for Joe Torre tomorrow sometime. I would expect for Chad to sit out his next start as the Dodgers will want to play this one on the safe side.

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