Aug 072009

Some random LA Dodgers chatter to fill your Friday afternoon.

Guillermo Mota took his fine like a man, and does not plan on appealing. He will not receive a suspension from the drama with Prince Fielder in Tuesday nights blowout against the Brewers.

Jason Schmidt is in danger of being shut down again, and this time it may be for good. Eric Stults is rumored to be heading to Los Angeles by Monday. My take is Schmidt doesn’t have anything left in the tank, and has been ineffective and gotten lucky with a solid Dodgers defense behind him. The potential Stults and Schmidt exchange speaks for itself and doesn’t require any explanation.

Ronald Belisario, Tony Abreu, and Doug Mientkiewicz are all do back within a couple of weeks. This means some roster moves are going to have to be made. The Dodgers roster is beginning to get very crowded, and could possibly lead to an August trade. Both Abreu and Belisario are to be called back up to the bigs within the next several days along with Stults. Schmidt is still scheduled to make his next start in San Francisco on Monday as of today.

Jeff Weaver could also be part of a cut to make room for someone who is much more effective. The likely replacement being Belisario or Wade who are both in the minors on rehab assignments. Juan Castro is likely to go away if and when Tony Abreu arrives. Of course this all talk could be undone with a trade by the Dodgers GM Ned Colletti. However there is absolute silence in the Dodgers rumors department.

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Aug 072009

Andre Ethier has done it again, he came up with a giant clutch walk-off homer to win the game last night 5-4. The game appeared all but over after two failed attempts by the Dodgers offense to pull ahead in the seventh and eighth innings. During both attempts to pull ahead, the Dodgers had two runners on base and the offense failed to produce. Then in the bottom of the ninth, “Mr. Magic” stepped up to the plate with runners at the corners, score 4-2 Braves.

My long time buddy took me to the game last night so I had the privilege of seeing this game live. I had talked to him during the game about the recent Dodgers heroics, especially in regards to Ethier’s clutch home run performance this season. I told him in the middle of the ninth inning, “Soriano is either hot and lights out, or cold and blows saves.” Tonight was definitely a cold night for Rafael Soriano. The crowd is electric with Ethier at the plate, and he gets two straight balls out of the zone from Soriano. I look over to my buddy and tell him “2-0 count fastball coming, and Ethier is going to hit a walk-off homer right over that right field wall.” Next pitch is exactly that, a 96 mph fastball and Ethier gladly takes it yard over the right field wall. Another magical finish for this amazing Dodgers ball club. The crowd erupts immediately and moments later Ethier is getting pummelled by the entire ball club at home plate. One of the best Dodgers memories ever for me personally, and nothing like witnessing something like that live. To relive yesterdsays magical finish you can see it right here.

Ethier continues to lead the Dodgers with 23 home runs on the season. He also is leading the club with 72 RBI’s, an AVG of .274, and a .516 on base percentage. Ethier now has five walk-off hits this season to lead the Majors. Three of the five have been hit yard. Andre is showcasing his talents and has been a stable run producer for the Dodgers this season. He has come up with five extra wins and is the absolute definition of clutch this season. His magical heroics will begin to strike fear into opposing pitchers when the game is on the line.

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Aug 052009

Diamond Leung has some comments from a recent XM radio interview with Dodgers GM Ned Colletti and show host Larry Kruger. Here are some of the highlights from the conversation. When Colletti was asked if he was ever close to trading James Loney at this years trade deadline, this was his response

“No, we were never close to doing something like that. What aggravates me is that people, with the way the media works today or blogs work today or whatever, people can say whatever they want with no credence, no history, no reason to do it, just except to start something up and to act like they know what they’re talking about. “

Jon Heyman was the first to report the blockbuster on Twitter. This may be a direct shot at him I am not sure and not going to read too much into these comments. It is reported that the Dodgers backed out at the last minute in the rumored deal with San Diego for Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez. Here is my take on this whole deal that never happened. First of all it doesn’t matter who backed out first. This deal made zero sense for either team and never ever would have gone down. There is no way even a half way decent GM breaks up the core of his team while they have the best record in baseball. Despite Russell Martins rough start to the year he is still an elite catcher in the MLB. His defense may be the best in baseball, and he is finally getting in the groove at the plate this season. The big issue is there is no ready replacement if Martin were to be traded. The reality is this thing had no chance under any circumstances of getting close, and so now we can go back to focusing on the final stretch of the season.

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Aug 032009

Chad Billingsley left the game Sunday night with what ends up being a leg cramp. He pitched a very solid five innings, and is hopefully out of his recent funk. He is listed as day to day, and is expected to make his next start. Billingsley is dead set on showing he can be the Dodgers true ace that everyone has been longing for. I think he already is and sometimes his youth still gets the better of him. It’s nights like last night that show with Billingsley in this rotation we don’t need a Roy Halladay.

In other injury news, Casey Blake has injured his left wrist after lifting weights after Saturday’s loss to Atlanta. He had x-rays on Sunday and while the results were negative he could miss several days. He is listed as day to day and a trip on the dl is unlikely. Mark Loretta is scheduled to fill in while Blake is out of action.

Some good injury news, Belisario is expected to begin his rehab assignment tomorrow, and should be back by this weekend. Cory Wade is off the disabled list, and will see some playing time in AAA. Both players will be key contributors in the final stretch, and we may not see them until the September call-ups.

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Jul 312009

Update 7:56pm: Just to clarify the Dodgers did not make any last minute deals today. I imagine Ned Colletti is going to get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow is a new day however and my gut says the Dodgers will make a deal in the next week or so. Colletti will now have to follow the August waiver rules however to get any deal done.

Update 5:32pm:
Jon Heyman has an update that a blockbuster almost went through at the end today. The deal would have from the Padres Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez to the Dodgers for James Loney, Russell Martin, Blake DeWitt, James McDonald and Ivan Dejesus. I am shocked by the mere thought of this deal being publicized. This one is a tough call for me, but my first instinct is deal. What do you guys think deal or no deal?

Update 3:07pm:
ESPN News is reporting Heath Bell was traded to the Dodgers. Unofficial. Deal did not go through per Jon Heyman see above.

Update 2:27pm: Early reports are saying neither the Dodgers or Angels were able to get a deal done before the deadline.

Update 1:50pm: No news out of Dodgertown yet. Be patient and keep your shorts on as it can take several hours for the deals made towards the end to be formally announced. Remember last year that the Manny deal wasn’t announced until almost 3 hours past the 4pm est deadline. I will have all the Dodgers rumors and news covered live for the remainder of the day.

Update 1:36pm:
BREAKING NEWS It’s official Jake Peavy has been traded to the Chicago White Sox. SI’s Jon Heyman broke the story. I will be so glad to not have him in the NL West.

Update 1:21pm: The 2009 Trade Deadline has passed. No word yet of any other deals however it’s common for deals to be announced after the 4:00pm est deadline. I will keep you posted. It’s looking like Gonzalez, Bell, and Halladay are staying put.

Update 12:30pm: Tick Tock goes the clock, 30 minutes ’til the deadline arrives.

Update 12:01pm: Oh it just keeps getting better and better as we near the deadline hour. Rumors are pouring in that the Dodgers are now after Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell, trying to get at least one possibly both in a blockbuster deal. They are said to be in “serious discussions” on a potential deal. Ken Rosenthal has the official update here. James Loney is positively included in any deal for Gonzalez. This is so exciting isn’t it?

Update 11:26am: Hold your breath Dodger fans, according to Bill Shaikin of the Times Heath Bell is on the Dodgers radar. He is calling it a battle between the Angels and Dodgers. What would a bullpen look like with Sherrill, Bell, and Broxton in it? It’s easy the best ‘pen in the majors period.

Update 9:30am: Fox Sports Rosenthal and Morosi are saying the Dodgers are unlikely to reach a deal with the Blue Jays for Jason Frasor. The Dodgers quest continues in their search for bullpen help, and an addition to the rotation. They go on to say that the Pirates are listening to offers on Paul Maholm, Zach Duke, and Matt Capps. Duke and Capps would be perfect fits for the Dodgers, and the two teams have a good history in deadline deals.

Seattle ESPN Radio’s Mike Salk is saying Jarrod Washburn has been traded to the Detroit Tigers. The deal is official, and has been confirmed by Morosi with Fox Sports. Washburn is off the market for the Dodgers. Not sure how much interest Colletti had in Washburn anyway.

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