Jul 312009

Just because the July 31 trade deadline has passed doesn’t mean teams can’t still get deals done. It just gets a little more complicated, as players now have to pass through waivers first. In years passed a lot of deals didn’t happen because teams could afford to take on the salary of the player and claim the player off waivers. Here we are in an economic financial crisis, and most teams are looking to cut salaries and so this will make it easier to pass players through waivers. I will explain some of the key bullet points on how this works.

Any player can be put on waivers by his team at any time during the season, and the player does not have to be informed.

Other teams have the opportunity to make a claim on the player during a 47 hour window.

If the player is claimed, the team that placed him on waivers has the option of pulling him back.

If the team pulls him back they can’t trade him for 30 days.

If his team decides not to pull him back the GM has several choices in what to do next.

  1. The team can just simply dump the player and his salary on the team that claimed him, and get nothing in return.
  2. The team can work out a trade with the team that claimed him. However if there is a player involved in the trade who is on a 40 man roster, the player must go through waivers first.
  3. No one claims him, and his team is free to trade him to any team.
  4. If more than one team places a claim on a player, the winning claim is awarded based on worst record or the league the claiming team is in.

I hope this clarifies the common confusion surrounding the August trading rules. Questions?

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Jul 312009

Matt Kemp is arguably the best center-fielder in baseball right now. Last year Kemp found himself in multiple trade rumors as the Dodgers approached this day last year. Matt Kemp had been struggling with breaking balls and his very questionable plate discipline. He had a tendency to take poor routes on fly balls, and made unexplainable judgment calls on the basepaths.

This year is quite the opposite as he was nearly picked for All-Star Game in St. Louis. However he fell just short despite being the obvious choice. Kemp has posted All-Star numbers all season, batting .320 with 55 RBI’s, and 13 homers. He continues to use his feet as he has 20 steals and 6 triples. If he continues on this pace, Kemp could finish the season with an average above .300 with 30 homers, 40 steals, and 100 RBI’s. Kemp may find himself in the running for the NL MVP award if he can perform on this level consistently. Hard to argue these statements posting numbers like that.

Kemp is clearly the Dodgers first half MVP, and is consistently proving himself on the major league level. This guy is the real deal, and he is clearly becoming the player everyone knew he would be. I am making a case for Matt Kemp as the most underated player in the MLB.

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Jul 312009

Update 1:30pm: Joel Sherman says Roy Halladay has not been traded. What a complete waste.

Update 7/31 8:29am Joel Sherman of the NY Post is one of the many saying Halladay will not be traded and Jays management has decided to work on contending in 2010 instead. Time will tell as the deadline is less than 6 hours away. Ricciardi expects to hold on to all his players and stay pat.

Update 7:56pm Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi is “not saying definitively” that Halladay will remain a Blue Jay, according to ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark. However, the GM says it’s looking Halladay will remain with the Jays. How many times has he said this? I say he is bluffing and trying to hold his ground and keep the high asking price in place.

Update 4:53pm Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi deny the report below from the L.A. Times and called the report “not accurate.”

Update 4:35pm Ed Price tweets on some more Halladay chatter. He says “To clarify, J.P. Ricciardi was saying the Blue Jays are open to deal, won’t close door on trading Halladay until 4 p.m. tomorrow.” I will says this if Ricciardi thinks he can play hardball with the BoSox, Rangers, and Dodgers he has another thing coming.

Update 4:28pm Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times reports that the Dodgers and Blue Jays spent the afternoon “negotiating extensively” over Roy Halladay. I am calling Ricciardi’s bluff right now, this guy is saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. Will Halladay be pitching for the Dodgers this Sunday?

First let’s recap what’s gone on so far in the Dodgers Roy Halladay rumors. This will be the final Roy Halladay thread, as I will keep the remaining Halladay rumors all right here.

  • The Blue Jays are no longer requiring Billingsley or Kershaw in a deal. The current price is somewhere around four to six top prospects.
  • The Dodgers have enough left in the minors to get a deal done for Halladay.
  • Jason McDonald is the only player offered off the major league roster.
  • Lot’s of contradicting reports that Halladay is staying and going.
  • The Dodgers have remained front-runners for Halladay after missing out on Cliff Lee.
  • The Phillies, Angels, Tigers, Rays, Rangers are all reportedly out. The Red Sox and Dodgers remain in the race but have failed to “wow” Ricciardi.
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Jul 312009

Update 12:16pm Ken Gurnick from MLB.com has an update on Rottino for us. “Rottino, 29, has appeared briefly in the Major Leagues for Milwaukee in each of the past three seasons and was named to the Pacific Coast League All-Star team last season when he posted a 24-game hitting streak. He was hitting .249 with four homers and 48 RBIs for Double-A Huntsville this season.”

The Dodgers reached a deal for catcher Vinny Rottino this morning according to ESPN’s Amy Nelson. They sent pitcher Claudio Vargas to the Milwaukee Brewers in the straight up deal.
Not a whole lot of information on the 29 year old Rottino, so I will see what I can dig up.

This move is purely to make a roster spot for the George Sherrill trade. Vargas was not getting any real opportunity. He pitched for the Brewers in 2007, and should be a decent innings eater in the ‘pen for the Brew Crew.

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Jul 302009

Update 7/30 4:49pm Ken Gurnick updates us on the Scott Elbert chatter last night. “While negotiations on the George Sherrill were ongoing Thursday, the Dodgers recalled left-handed reliever Scott Elbert and optioned back to Triple-A Albuquerque left-handed reliever Brent Leach. Elbert had been scratched from a scheduled start Wednesday night. Elbert, who has been mentioned in trade rumors, had been optioned to Albuquerque 10 days earlier.” However Elbert is guaranteed to be involved in any deal that brings Roy Halladay to Los Angeles.

Ken Gurnick from MLB.com is reporting that Dodgers pitching prospect Scott Elbert was scratched from his scheduled start in Albuquerque tonight. Since he was just sent back down on July 22nd, there is no way he can be recalled until he spends ten days in the minors, which would be Saturday. I am not aware of any injuries so it is likely a deal is close. Elbert had been mentioned in numerous trade rumors, particularly in a deal that would net George Sherrill from the Baltimore Orioles.

Ed Price is tweeting that Sherrill isn’t going anywhere. However I think Sherrill makes the most sense if Elbert is involved. Colletti is denying reports of a trade being close in multiple reports. This backs up the fact that a deal is likely close, and not actually reached. Could this be a blockbuster for Halladay? Is Toronto GM Ricciardi getting trigger happy?

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