Jul 292009

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti remains focused on acquiring Orioles closer George Sherrill. Ken Rosenthal has the latest update. After missing out on Indians ace Cliff Lee earlier today, the Dodgers have once again shifted focus on Sherrill. The Dodgers are believed to be “actively engaged” and are the front runners to acquire Sherrill. Rosenthal also notes that “The Dodgers have maintained interest in Sherrill, and a number of their prospects appeal to the Orioles.”

I called this one earlier today, I would expect Sherrill to be in the Dodgers ‘pen this weekend. He would be the perfect setup man for Broxton and his sore toe. Sherrill would be the super spot closer on days where Broxton needs rest.

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Jul 292009

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that the Philadelphia Phillies and Cleveland Indians have agreed to a deal that sends Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco to the Phillies for Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald and Lou Marson. The deal includes no cash and is not yet official. The teams still have to examine medical records for the deal to go through. Nice move for the reigning champs.

The Dodgers need to move to plan b, and it likely will not be Roy Halladay. Unless he falls in the Dodgers lap, Halladay will likely remain in Toronto now. I am predicting a deal to be made soon for Sherrill. I would hope talks for Washburn are reopened soon if not already. How about Washburn and Morrow? Would a package of Juan Pierre, Josh Bell, Andrew Lambo, and Chris Withrow along with cash be enough?

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Jul 282009

The Dodgers need a starter if they are going to continue being the best team in baseball. Jason McDonald didn’t work out, Eric Milton is done for the year, and Jason Schmidt, well we all had high hopes. Eric Stults filled in nicely while he was in the rotation. He is sure to get a call as soon as soon as the Dodgers are done experimenting with Jason Schmidt.

Jon Heyman from SI had this to say about the Dodgers today. “The Dodgers are more focused on Lee than Halladay, as they probably sense their chances are close to zero for Halladay. Lee provides a cheaper alternative in terms of both prospects and money. The Dodgers and Indians made a big deal last year when L.A. sent top catching prospect Carlos Santana to the Indians for third baseman Casey Blake, so they have it in them.”

I will admit Heyman got it right here. I think the price for Halladay is dangerous and GM’s should be very careful and not get too trigger happy. I think Cliff Lee fits the Dodgers much better anyhow. Colletti needs to zero in on GM Mark Shapiro and get a deal done.

Heyman goes on to say later in the post that pitching prospects James McDonald, Scott Elbert and Chris Withrow would have to be in play. The Dodgers don’t want to trade off their major league roster (can’t blame ‘em for that), but are their prospects enough?”

I like those names for a guy that pitches at the front of the rotation. We are ready to win now, and despite what the standings show the Dodgers need to stay the course. We can’t break up the starting roster in any deal. If our prospects aren’t enough to get a deal done, Colletti needs to say no deal. The other options is to move on to a guy like Jarrod Washburn who the Dodgers have been interested in for weeks. The Reds have Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang, plus some bullpen help as well. The facts are this, there are plenty of quality pitching options on the trade market even after Halladay and Lee.

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Jul 282009

Yahoo’s Gordon Edes offers some updates on the latest Roy Halladay rumors. He mentions that Clayton Kershaw remains untouchable, despite his name popping up daily. He also goes on to mention that the Dodgers have had internal discussions about the possibility of moving Chad Billingsley. Billingsley is by far the biggest name mentioned in the trade rumors for Halladay. Call me crazy but if Ned Colletti makes a deal involving Chad Billingsley, I will never forgive him. Edes did say that it was purely internal discussions. Here is my take on this, one of two things is going on here. The first is the report of Billingsley being traded is purely absurd, false, and ridiculous, so with all that we can all sleep well knowing Bills isn’t going anywhere. The other is this is some type of ploy to drive up the price even more for Halladay, if you can believe that. Either way rest assured unless Colletti wants to hang himself he won’t deal Billingsley. Kershaw is a stretch just him alone, let’s hope Collettti doesn’t screw this up. This thing makes no sense under any circumstances. We are the best team in baseball, someone explain why we need to trade Billingsley or Kershaw for Halladay. What exactly is that accomplishing?

With Halladay’s probability of being traded decreasing by the hour, it seems the rumors are still picking up some momentum. Halladay made it very clear if he were to be traded, the deal would have to get done today. With no deal apparently close it seems Halladay may be staying put.

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Jul 272009

Dodgers pitcher Jason Schmidt has once again proved to have nothing left in the tank. The Marlins knocked around Schmidt and it may be time for Schmidt to call it quits. I was really pulling for him to make a comeback, it seems to be quite clear his career is over. This will likely push the trade for Halladay, Lee, Arroyo, Harang, or whoever to happen. I would say this start by Schmidt made the likely hood of a trade very probable.

Hong-Chih Kuo was activated from the disabled list today. If he can be stay healthy he will make a huge impact in the second half of the season.

Andre Ethier was voted NL Player of the Week for the second time this season. He led almost every single offensive category in the majors. Ethier’s power has come alive this season with 2o homeruns. That number ties his 2008 numbers, and puts him on pace for 34 homeruns. His power has been a nice presence all season, especially with his .270 average.

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