Nov 282013

The veteran lefty Ted Lilly who spent the last two years with the Los Angeles Dodgers has called it quits after 15 major league seasons.ted-lilly

The Dodgers released Lilly in August after numerous injuries which plagued him during his stay in Los Angeles. The California native attempted to gain some momentum by pitching in the Venezuelan league, but decided it was best to call it a career.

Lilly owned a 4.14 lifetime ERA, while goes 130-113, with 2 All-Star appearances.

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Nov 252013

The Dodgers are following the advice of Adrian Gonzalez and focusing on home field advantage. How are they doing that? Shore up the 4th and eventually 5th spot in the rotation. Dodgers add RHP Dan Haren on a 1-year contract worth $10 million. The southern California native, can also earn up to additional $3 million in performance bonuses.dh

Although last season wasn’t anything to brag about, Haren adds a lot of depth to the rotation, since Josh Beckett and Chad Billingsley are question marks.

Prone to the long ball, Dodger stadium certainly won’t hurt them (just ask Dodger hitters), he should work just fine. Keep in mind, along with an experience arm, he will be partnered up with a great game calling catcher in AJ Ellis and a superb pitching coach in Rick Honeycutt who will certainly study and fine tune Haren’s mechanics so help avoid injury.

Haren will hold down the 4th spot for now as the Dodgers are still in pursuit of spoken for Japanese sensation Masahiro Tanaka. That won’t move an inch until Japanese and MLB executives work out a deal to break the pile up of players as they need to work out a new posting system.

By the way, in 31 games, Haren finished with a 10-14 record, 4.67 ERA and a whopping 28 home runs given. Yikes.

Nov 162013

Rodney Dangerfield and Matt Kemp have a lot in common these days; they both don’t get no respect.

After the 2011 season it felt as if Matt Kemp could do no wrong. He was humble in his second place MVP voting against cheater Ryan Braun, 1 home run shy of being a 40-40 man and a major presence on and off the field. In 2012, hit still showed his pop, despite injury, and while taking 200 less at bats, he still hit over .300. Injuries would cut short a second consecutive run at MVP. Well, 2013, I think we all know about that disaster. elite-daily-matt-kemp-ejected

The Ricky Bobby attitude in Los Angeles seems to have lashed out at Matt Kemp for being injured. If you’re not first you’re last in this town. Yeah injuries suck and Matt Kemp’s slow start certainly didn’t help garner any new fans, but are we so quick to throw away Matt Kemp?

With a taste of success in LA, fans are very quick to take immediate and harsh actions on players that aren’t performing… Oh yeah and managers too.

Let’s be real for a minute people. Matt Kemp is the best hitter (when healthy) in the outfield for the Dodgers. NO NO NO! YASIEL PUIG IS! No, he isn’t. In a couple years, maybe.

Matt Kemp is the second best power hitter on the team behind Hanley Ramirez.

When healthy in 2011, he led in innings played, starts and games of MLB center fielders.

I shall conclude with this: While I don’t think Kemp is off limits for a trade, I think fans need to back away from the harsh Matt Kemp comments. He is a fine ballplayer, clean, great with interacting with fans and was starting to become a wealth of energy in the dugout.

Relax Dodger fans. When Matt Kemp returns in April fully healthy, you’ll want him in the lineup ready to make right on what went oh so wrong in 2013. I wouldn’t want him against the Dodgers, looking for revenge. Besides, moving Kemp would be no easy task. With his previous injuries, massive money due, he is no picnic to be picked up either. The Mariners have expressed interest, Rangers are in for anything with a bat and legs, Rays, and a myriad of other teams looking to bolster their offense. If everyone is looking at Kemp, don’t you think they know what others in Dodger organization hopefully know? Matt Kemp is a dangerous hitter.

Plug a healthy Kemp in the lineup with Hanley, AGon, Puig, Crawford… Yikes. The Dodgers have the most feared lineup in the NL. Now how about that respect?

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Oct 032013

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be appearing in the postseason for the first time since 2009. Dodger Stadium has been a hotspot all season, as the Dodgers led the league in total attendance. Los Angeles is sure to continue to fill their stadium during the National League Divisional Series. Los Angeles Dodgers tickets for home games against the Atlanta Braves are selling for a $173 average, 223 percent over the $53.61 price of an average regular season home game.

Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke could possibly be the best 1-2 combination of any starting rotation in the playoffs. Kershaw had a sub-2 ERA, a sub-1 WHIP and struck out 8.8 batters per nine innings during the regular season, which should make him the favorite for the National League CY Young. Greinke struck out 7.5 batters per nine innings over his 177.2 regular season innings.

Looking way ahead, if the Dodgers make it to the Fall Classic, World Series tickets are averaging $1451 on the secondary market.

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Sep 292013

A striking blow to the Los Angeles Dodgers who are already playing without outfielder Andre Ethier, have now added that Matt Kemp will not appear during the post season.

Kemp apparently re-aggravated his nagging ankle injury and will be sidelined.  The tough news is as Andre Ethier attempts to return from his own ankle injury. He has been getting rehab in Arizona for the last several days.

The injury doesn’t doom the Dodgers, who went 42-8 without Kemp in the line-up. They’ve expected him out for the season several times during the year, so they can still win without him. What it does create is a massive hole in the lineup, if not supported by Ethier. The outfielder duty would move to light-hitting Skip Skumacher or the not often played Scott Van Slyke. There word is Ethier may make the roster but only come off the bench to pinch hit. Ethier is a stellar defensive player which has made up for him times of struggle at the plate.

Time will tell what direction the 25 man roster will go on, skipper Don Mattingly knows of all, it is running out.

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