Sep 292013

A striking blow to the Los Angeles Dodgers who are already playing without outfielder Andre Ethier, have now added that Matt Kemp will not appear during the post season.

Kemp apparently re-aggravated his nagging ankle injury and will be sidelined.  The tough news is as Andre Ethier attempts to return from his own ankle injury. He has been getting rehab in Arizona for the last several days.

The injury doesn’t doom the Dodgers, who went 42-8 without Kemp in the line-up. They’ve expected him out for the season several times during the year, so they can still win without him. What it does create is a massive hole in the lineup, if not supported by Ethier. The outfielder duty would move to light-hitting Skip Skumacher or the not often played Scott Van Slyke. There word is Ethier may make the roster but only come off the bench to pinch hit. Ethier is a stellar defensive player which has made up for him times of struggle at the plate.

Time will tell what direction the 25 man roster will go on, skipper Don Mattingly knows of all, it is running out.

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Aug 202013

Is this a warning sign of more issues to come with Yasiel Puig? I certainly hope not. The Dodgers are right fielders are no strangers to controversy, just ask Raul Mondesi.

It was reported that Dodgers outfielder, couldn’t quite make it on time to the ballpark in Florida. His teammates were already dressed and ready, but Puig was nowhere to be found. Puig apparently was staying at his Miami home instead of at the Dodger Hotel and stated he was late due to traffic. Manager Don Mattingly issued the fine but wouldn’t give in to how much, “more than a dollar,” he suggested.  Puig, coincidentally is not in the lineup for tonight’s game, so is that an indication? All signs point to “no” at this point. Puig has had some frustrating at bats and several run-ins with umpires as he appears to take every call that doesn’t go his way (correct or not) as a personal vendetta. Speaking of vendetta’s it also appears that he has one against every cut-off man on the team.

Hopefully he doesn’t give his post-game interview from the Marlins bullpen, mainly because he has the best arm in there.

More to come on Puig and the Dodgers.

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Apr 162013

Yesterday Ken Gurnick reported that the Dodgers were at an impasse with southpaw Ted Lilly after the 14-year veteran refused a minor league assignment Saturday. The Dodgers now must activate him, designate him for assignment, release him, or trade him.

Gurnick passed on these comments from manager Don Mattingly;

“We laid out a plan and Teddy doesn’t want to be part of the plan. It’s out of my hands. We didn’t feel he was ready to pitch at the Major League level. For me, it’s a baseball decision. It’s nothing personal in any way, shape or form. We’re giving him our baseball thoughts, what we think is best for him and the team.”

It’s worth noting that Mattingly did say using Lilly in relief is a possibility, though it appears that Dodgers and Ted Lilly don’t seem to be thrilled with the scenario. I couldn’t agree more. Sort of a slap in the face to Lilly, no? I can’t really see how Lilly helps the Dodgers much in the bullpen. Seriously, what a mess.

Late yesterday afternoon Lilly agreed to make another minor league rehab start according to Gurnick. So as originally scheduled Lilly will start today for Triple-A Albuquerque. The question now is, will Ted Lilly make another rehab start after today? Or will the Dodgers activate him? This all but looks to be the Dodgers trying to buy some more time before making a decision. Perhaps a sell low trade is in the works. It’s going to be tough for the Dodgers to get a lot of value with Lilly right now, especially at age 37, and a $12MM salary. McCourt still haunts the Ned Colletti and the Dodgers, sigh. Tough break for Colletti, as he certainly has his work cut out for him with Lilly.

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Apr 112013

That is no typo. Greinke out with no timetable.

Pitching in just his second game as a Dodger, Co-Ace Zach Greinke suffered a collar bone fracture during a scuffle with Hit By Pitch King, Carlos Quentin. Quentin, who has lead the majors for two seasons was plunked during a 3-2 count in the 5th and charged the mound. In a surprise to catcher A.J. Ellis, who was steps behind Quentin, did his best to scramble and eventually tackle Quentin.

The replay shows Greinke turn his left side towards the charge, not to take damage to his pitching arm. As benches cleared, the jawing and scuffle continued, eventually leading to the tossing of both Matt Kemp and Jerry Hairston Jr.. The blow comes off the heals of an injury free pitching staff, where Chad Billingsley returned to earn his first win of the season.gqdodgers

After the game, Don Mattingly was furious to put it nicely. “He [Quentin] shouldn’t be allowed to play another game until Greinke can… If he does.. well then that is just stupid.” The normally calm and precise skipper lashed out at all questions regarding the “why” this all happened. A brave reporter asked him “you seem upset by all this, how upset are you?”

“I’m happy.”


Obviously there will be some suspensions here, but a fair point for Don to make. In a 2-1 game, full count, why would Greinke throw at Quentin? Why would Quentin think it was intentional? Has he considered backing up from the plate a little bit?

Quentin who has 30 pounds on Greinke, attacks, gets suspended maybe for 2-3 games and is back in commission. Greinke gets the brunt of it and could potentially out 4-6 weeks. Doesn’t seem fair. Don isn’t pleased. Management can’t be thrilled with their pricey investment getting injured. Chris Capuano’s stock is rising.

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Dec 042012

I am excited. I am about excited as anyone else about what the Dodgers can potentially score this offseason. I am also a bit worried, so I guess that makes me anxious? Feelings aside, we have to examine if a spending a boat load of money is going to get the Dodgers into the post-season and a championship berth. That is the goal, isn’t it? The immediate goal appears to be showing Los Angeles fans that the new Dodger ownership is not just about winning, but spending whatever it takes to get winning. Remind you of anyone?

I like to joke and chide some of my Giants and Angels fans when saying the Dodgers are the “West-Coast Yankees”, but come to think of it, most Dodger fans HATE the Yankees, maybe with a Derek Jeter exception. Why do Dodger fans hate Yankees? Because they buy their wins, they spend the most money, they have the swagger that LA should have. Every day we are becoming more and more like the Yankees because our wallets are open and we are not getting the wins to show for it. The Yankees have plenty of collapses and blown opportunities and money drained to show for it, but so do the Dodgers, just not to the magnitude we are approaching. I like to be cautiously optimistic about the situation. The season hasn’t started, players need to adjust to the league, Don Mattingly is only getting better, signings haven’t happened and a lot of work needs to be done before the boys in blue take the field, I’m still anxious. But are we on the right course?

Take Zach Greinke. The prize of the pitching market. Much like the supremely talented Josh Hamilton, they’re both damaged goods. Hamilton has showed signs of alcholic relapse and Zach Greinke has struggled with a depressing Social Anxiety Disorder from his days in Kansas City. Although it appears those days are behind him, most players go through a physical evaluation before signing, not a mental evaluation. The bright lights of Los Angeles may be too much for Greinke, with the not-so-forgiving fans and a new ownership bent on making the post-season no matter what the costs.

How about Adrian Gonzalez? Jersey sales will be through the roof this year but the So-Cal native has much to do in 2013 to earn his keep and potentially become the favor over Matt Kemp. Luckily anything he does will be a leap over James Loney, who in over 300+ at-bats scraped out 4 home-runs to Gonzalez’s 3 in under 200. But that will only last for so long. Dodger newcomers are not in for an easy day at the office, they were getting a substantial contract to perform in their prior teams, now it’ll feel like they really have to earn their pay.

So time will tell. We do know baseball doesn’t care about injuries, excuses, adjustments or anything else. Just winning.

We know where the heads of the ownership and fans are, now it’s a matter of the players following suit.

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