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Here is what we have heard so far in this years Winter Meetings.

Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times has some Dodgers updates for us all. 

Ned Colletti says the Dodgers are “unlikely” to sign anyone at this weeks Winter Meetings.

The Dodgers would move Juan Pierre in the right deal. If they trade him, they would want to get pitching in return.

Of the Dodgers’ free agents, Colletti has talked to Brad Ausmus the most.

The Dodgers view pitching prospects Scott Elbert and Josh Lindblom as starters. They are more open to using James McDonald as a reliever.

All in all a good way to finish out day one of the Winter Meetings. 

The Dodgers are looking into trading both George Sherrill and Juan Pierre. It seems as they could be packaged together or dealt separately. Colletti is not going to give either player away, and is looking for a starting pitcher in return. It seems as most teams are asking for the Dodgers to pick up most of Pierre’s salary in any deal. As long as these demands continue, Pierre will remain a member of the Dodgers.

Ned Colletti has been in contact with several free agents, however no big names.

Mark Timmons of provides an inside look at what’s going on in Indianapolis. Timmons says, “There Dodgers payroll will not be over $90 million next year as they are “cash poor.”  It may be less!” He also says the unsourced rumor involving the Tigers and Cabrera is fiction – the Dodgers have no interest in Cabrera, and Dee Gordon is at least 18 months away!

Timmons also says, “Josh Lindblom is coveted by lots of teams!  This guy will be a stud!  You have heard that from me for a while…”

Some good stuff so far, the next few days should be fun.

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  1. Timmons advocates trading Broxton because Lindblom will be better, no questions asked. So take what he says with a huge grain of salt. A lump of salt, if you will.

    I do like Lindblom a lot though, so I agree with Timmons on that point.

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